University of Buckingham

Servicing, Safety and Heating Asset Support for the UK’s first Private University with a Royal Chart

The University of Buckingham provided a unique challenge, with the need to deliver our service to their distributed campus and the requirement to help them build a heating asset register, assets with a wide variety in technical specifications. Furthermore, all works have to be completed without disruption to students or faculties.

The challenge

Identifying all boilers and heating systems across the campus, defining servicing and safety compliance needs.

Working with our client to compile and asset register and associated KPIs.

Developing a model of service provision which works within the calendar of the University.

The solution

Our team worked closely with the University’s property operations supervisor to ensure that all work was carried out effectively, while actively targeting and meeting KPIs. By identifying a variety of different boiler systems used throughout the campus, we were able to modify our service for each individual case, thus reducing service delivery times and maximising efficiency.

Features & Benefits

• 100% compliant servicing regime

• Development of asset register and heating asset strategy

• Zero complaints

• Campus-specific aftercare practices

• Dedicated engineers with specialist training



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