Emergency step-in to support sovereign housing association

Wheldons was approached by Sovereign Housing Association, one of the largest housing association in Southern England, after their previous project failed to meet performance and financial targets. At short notice, we mobilised to meet that challenge. We have now been competitively awarded a term contract for heating services.

The challenge

With the need to Step-in and turnaround the service to maintain Landlord’s legal compliance and to keep people safe and comfortable in their homes, our broader challenges included:

• Creating a performance management system which benchmarks the quality, courtesy and productivity of our workforce for Sovereign

• Collaborating with Sovereign’s Asset Managers in technical reviews to improve total lifecycle costs for heating systems

• Working with community representatives to shape our service to best support Sovereign’s residents as we carry out works

The solution

We set up a dedicated office and management team to drive performance for Sovereign and residents, implementing solutions such as:

• Supporting Sovereign’s energy efficiency objectives through helping to specify new more efficient combination boilers

• Our performance management team worked closely with the transferring delivery team to realise Sovereign’s performance standards

• Joint development of revised KPIs with Sovereign to measure what really matters to them and their residents, driving service improvement and responsiveness

Features & Benefits

• Aligning our service to meet Sovereign’s values: Satisfaction, Service, Collaborative, Integrity & Progressive

• Satisfaction: empowering and performance tracking works teams with 98% satisfaction

• Service: resident focused-decision making; cultural, diversity and vulnerability needs at the forefront

• Collaborative: bringing Sovereign, residents and manufacturers together to create service improvement concepts

• Integrity: Customer care and community engagement from the board down


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