Putman House

Saving Energy for the Vulnerable in a Technically Challenging Domestic Environment

Putman House is a retirement housing facility comprised of 36 flats, built in 1987 and developed by Milton Keynes Council. The sheltered housing complex consisted of 36 self-contained flats, warden accommodation, day rooms and communal areas. The existing heating plant room had failed leaving the Residents with inadequate heating.

The challenge

The project brief was to reduce both gas and electricity consumption across the whole building, reducing CO2 emissions, whilst delivering improved comfort levels to the elderly Residents.

A technical solution to achieve this had to be reached within 8 weeks, in full consultation with the client, wardens and technical consultants.

The solution

Wheldons initially set up a temporary external boiler unit in order to reinstate full heating to the complex, leaving adequate time for consultation on a range of possible renewable energy solutions and correct contract specification.

A Combined Heat & Power Unit with a 20KW electrical output and 40KW Thermal output with a plate heat exchanger connection to existing low pressure heating pipe-work was selected.

All rooms and hallways were kept clear and clean, while our client was kept informed throughout, along with residents, many of whom expressed their delight at the good-nature and friendliness that Wheldons employees displayed.

Features & Benefits

• Brand new combined heating and power system installed, in which the boiler simultaneously generates electricity to power lights

• Throughout operations, heating was maintained in all parts of Putman House

• The needs of residents were kept in mind at all times, and our swift service delivery was commended

• Electricity imported from the grid fell from a previous 260KW to just 50KW per day, reducing associated emissions by 38 tonnes of CO2 per annum



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