Birmingham City Council for Mears

Improving Quality of Life for Tens of Thousands in Britain’s 2nd City

Our client, Mears Group, is responsible for undertaking repairs and maintenance on 41,000 of Birmingham City Council’s properties, and is also responsible for Gas Servicing, Gas Breakdown and Gas Installs. With a largely increased program, Mears chose Wheldons Heating Services to provide heating for one of the UK’s largest council housing schemes. With so many houses to cater for, access became a significant issue for our team to overcome, alongside a fluctuating workload.

The challenge

As part of the Council’s mandate to improve the quality of life of their residents and reduce overall energy consumption, we needed to mobilise resources who could meet programme requirements and provide excellent customer services to tens of thousands of individuals with unique needs.

Our works were part of the overall refurbishment and capital investment programme for tens of thousands of homes, meaning close co-ordination with Mears to maintain programme for each individual home within their overarching delivery programme was essential.

The solution

The speed at which our Wheldons team mobilised in response to a large number of heating installations is a credit to their capabilities. Our coordination with Mears, and Council Officers with heating responsibilities where required, was pivotal in allowing us to enter homes at the best times to carry out installations while minimising disruption to residents.

Ongoing co-ordination with Mears allowed us to track delivery and our contribution to their meeting their KPIs and customer service goals, ensuring we delivered our service on track with programme demand.

Features & Benefits

More efficient heating systems delivered for tens of thousands of individuals and families throughout Birmingham

Rapid and dynamic mobilisation of resources, supported through ongoing highly co-ordinated resource management to achieve programme and make gains

We had the privilege of helping to deliver heating services to one of the UK’s largest council housing schemes, proving our capabilities and expertise.


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Wates (Stevenage)

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