Wheldons work comes complete with after-care, helping you to make sure your heating is set-up just how you like it. We work closely with our clients and residents to help them choose the right system for their needs, to keep costs down and help them save energy.

Energy saving tips

Saving energy isn’t all about installing the latest technologies. There are lots of small tips and tricks that can help you make significant savings.

Remote control

If you’re out and about, you can control your heating systems remotely via a mobile app so that you can schedule heating only for when you need it.

Turn it down

Try turning your thermostat down by just a few degrees. For each degree Celsius cooler, you could potentially save £90 per year, as well as 360kg of CO2.

Close those windows

Closing windows and doors in cold weather will help to retain the warm air inside and stop draughts, meaning you can use your heating systems less frequently.

Save water

When you put the kettle on, make sure you only fill it with as much water as you will use. Heating an unnecessary volume of water wastes energy, as well as taking longer to boil.

Shower time

Spending just one minute less in your daily shower can cut £10 from your yearly bill, per person. Reducing the pressure of your showers will also save water and money.

Take advantage

Government schemes can help you save more. We are a provider of services under the Green Deal, which helps you make energy saving improvements to your home without paying for everything upfront.

Government Schemes

Wheldons participates in various government schemes in order to help our clients get the most out of heating systems and reduce fuel bills. They include:

Renewable Heat Incentive

By installing heating systems that use naturally replenished energy, you can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions. As an added incentive, you could receive quarterly payments over a seven year period, based on the amount of renewable, clean energy your system produces. This incentive comprises of both a domestic and a non-domestic scheme.

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Energy Company Obligation

The energy company obligation is a Government scheme, obligating suppliers to achieve energy efficiency at domestic premises.
This will result in energy and heating savings and improvements across a number of households.

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Feed in Tariffs

Feed in tariffs is a Government financial incentive to encourage uptake of renewable electricity-generating technologies. This means that you can be paid for the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself, exporting any surplus to the grid.

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Make the most of renewables

Finding the right energy efficiency solution for your property, becomes less stressful technically and financially, when you call upon our specialist accredited personnel.

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